Fridge Magnets Designed and Printed For Your Lawn Mowing Company


Fridge Magnet To Remind Customers When They Need Your Services

Be ready to make the most of any opportunity with a card that stands out – as soon they see their fridge! 

Fridge magnets with incentives for cleaning companies. Give your Select a template to purchase. Email us your details and the rewards offer you would like to offer. We will contact you to create the draft before printing 

Printed and Delivered to your door:  Delivery Costs Additional Charges Apply 


Why are fridge magnets so important?

Nowadays, fridge magnets are recognized as one of the best ways to increase brand visibility as well promote the audience’s familiarity with a particular product or service, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods

Why are fridge magnets so effective? Here are a few of its stand out advantages:

  • Consider this: every household has at least one fridge. 80 per cent of households actually use fridge magnets. What this means is that you are practically guaranteed that your fridge magnet will be kept and used.
  • Refrigerators are one of the most frequently used household appliances throughout the day. Having your magnet on that fridge translates to multiple exposures to each member of the household on a daily basis, further promoting your brand, all the while unobtrusive like other marketing tools. In addition, having your information on the magnet makes it easily accessible and convenient – customers who are in need of service would rather call the number on the fridge rather than search online or the phonebook.
  • Though fridge magnets would cost more than your traditional business card, the level and frequency of exposure you get already pays for itself. While traditional marketing though TV, radio or print would only run for a predetermined period, you only pay once for your fridge magnet and your information stays right there. This translates to incredible staying power.
  • Your fridge magnet can come with notepads and clips, or can even be a calendar. This versatility adds more value to what is already an effective marketing tool. And since it’s on the fridge, there’s no chance of the magnet getting lost or misplaced. There may not be too many marketing tools available that can match the price and benefits of using fridge magnets.

The templates we have created for your business double up as a BUSINESS FRIDGE MAGNETS


  • 87 x 49 mm size
  • Matte magnetic sheet
  • Vivid, full-colour printing

Select Template Design #1 – Green with brown stripe  FRONT

fridge magnet For Your Lawn Mowing Company

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm



25 Fridge Magnets for $25, 50 Fidge Magnets for $55

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