Marketing Strategies Consulting To Increase Sales For Your Lawn Mowing Business


Want More Leads & Sales?

Marketing strategies and consultation to gain more domestic and commercial lawn mowing leads and sales


Why You Need To Work With A Professional Marketing Consultant To Increase Sales For Your Cleaning Business

Many small cleaning business owners, particularly those running a one-man show, fall into the pattern of trying to do everything in-house. Hiring people to do all the jobs needed to get done can be expensive, and hiring a marketing “guy” who’s just left high school can actually cost you more money and bad customer experience!

If you find yourself asking some of these questions – you should consult us – book your free consultation here

  • All your marketing ideas don’t seem to work
  • Are you generating leads but not closing any deals?
  • Are you having trouble generating leads in the first place?
  • Business isn’t booming
  • You’re unsure of the working strategies and how to implement each strategy
  • Your conversion needs optimisation


Marketing Consultant Package includes:

  • Provide marketing expertise to clients
  • Researches industries, markets, demographics, trends, sales results, and other data related specifically to your cleaning niche
  • Analyses details of competitor offerings, including specifications, market share, pricing, and promotional materials
  • Create detailed reports with research findings and analysis to inform marketing strategies
  • Provides written documents and verbal presentations to guide the creation of new marketing plans and strategies
  • Recommends specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve your desired sales goals
  • Help come up with new product and service offerings to increase shares in new or existing markets
  • Assist your marketing managers and directors in coming up with focused branding, positioning, and marketing tools for each product or service
  • Work within your budget to produce effective promotional materials and advertising opportunities
  • Tracks sales and feedback and adjusts marketing strategies as necessary
  • Establishes marketing tracking methods to help each client evaluate performance over time

The appointment is sold per 5 hours, 10 hours or 20 hour slots. You can use the hours in a month or a week, to gain the fastest results for your business 

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